Chani Otuteye - CEO/Lead Consultant/International Consultant


Chani Otuteye, an international consultant, is also the CEO of Dibest Consult Limited (a management and marketing consultancy firm), a short term expert for GIZ/GSDI/COTVET, and was also a National Consultant for UN (International Trade Centre), Chartered Marketer and International Trade Center Enterprise Management Development Advisor. Chani was a lecturer at Methodist University College Ghana with over 22 years overall working experience. He has a strong research, financial literacy and facilitating skills. He has studied and obtained the United Nations (UN) Advanced Security in the Field certificate, a mandatory requirement for UN consultancy jobs. He also has experience in working in the multicultural environment and with donor partners. He also has a wealth of experience in the multicultural environment.

As the CEO and the lead consultant, he offers advice on the selection, organization and provision of strategic direction and briefings for the other consultants in the team. Again, as part of our rich experience, we strengthen agricultural systems/association management practices through organizational development & building the structures for producer & marketing groups, group dynamics training & Quality Management, good agronomics practices & reducing post-harvest losses and agricultural research & market assessment.

He equally has competence in building the capacity of farmer based organisations and trade associations operating in diverse fields including contract farming and outgrower schemes and has over the years worked on several projects for the trade associations, community based organizations including farming and fishing communities.

As the national consultant for International Trade Center, He has among other assignments, provided business development services in the agriculture producer groups sector, conducted a nationwide research and need assessment intervention on the Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO) service provision capabilities in Ghana, and as a certified international trade centre (ITC) enterprise management development advisor.

As a certified International Trade Centre (ITC) enterprise management development advisor, he has provided advisory capacities for Exports competitiveness particularly in the Agric Sector for a number of enterprises between jointly founded by International Trade Center (ITC), Dutch Import Promotion Center (CBI) and Ghana Export Promotion Council GEPC and other developing and donor partners. Below are some examples; First, he helped Nkulenu Industries limited an agro processing firm in the palm oil and pulp sector to identify and diagnose its business definition, design a strategy and its associated strategic business plan of action, with the possibility of identifying potential buyers.

He also provided needs assessment, diagnostic and export competitiveness advisory services to Amugota Ginger Growers Association (AMGA) in Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana. AMGA is a farming based organization made up of ginger growers in the three districts in the Volta region namely Hohoe, Kejebi and Jasikan. Currently there are about five thousand ginger farmers in the area. The assignment helped the marketing sub component of the Association, Amugota Ginger Marketing Association to redefine its business in order to be competitive in the European market.

He was a marketing lecturer at the Methodist University College Ghana; he lectured International Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at the MBA level and International Marketing, Marketing of Financial Products & Services, Marketing Management & Principles of Marketing at the undergraduate level. He also supervised studentsí project work at both levels.

He has also been trained to use the Business Management System (BMS) by International Trade Centre (ITC). He also has training on business incubation and contract farming as an inclusive business model.